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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 6, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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"nightline." "action news" continues at 4:30 with pamela edwards and karen rodgers with traffic. for "action news," i'm jim gardner. goodnight.
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new viral videos on an all new show "right this minute." a little girl jumps into action on an elevator. >> she's separating the doors and holding them apart. >> what's behind the mission to save herself. >> that's not good though. this elevator could continue to move. a woman eats like a bird. literally. >> it looks like they taste just about as well as you think they
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would. >> nasty. >> the good reason she's downing a lot of bad things. a paraglider doing acrobatic flying knows he's in trouble. >> that's the interesting part about this video. >> why he says hitting the trees finally knocked some sense into him. and a groom learns a special first dance. >> and the moves start. >> the surprise skill that's got rugby player written all over it. >> he appears to be a lot lighter on his feet than you'd imagine. move over, bionic woman, because this little guirl is ona mission. >> is she stuck? >> yeah. apparently she stepped into the elevator. reports say her parents may have left her unattended. she's believed to be about 4 or 5 years old. when the doors closed behind her, she jumped into action. >> that's not good though because this elevator could continue to move. >> that's what folks are saying as well. she's using her hand and feet
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and separating the doors holding them apart. at one point she props her feet on the doors to hold them open. now she's trying to get the outer parts of the elevator opened. she's trapped between floors. >> this is how you discover kids with superhero powers in a movie. >> for such a young girl, she's really thinking about her exit strategy and how she's going to free herself from this predicament. but it's dangerous. obviously she's not aware of that detail. >> but if she's able to do it, why can't somebody on the other side do it as well? like somebody on the floor above or just below and pull her out? >> that means someone would have to be paying attention. >> do we know how long she was stuck in there? >> not quite sure. this video goes on for quite a few minutes. it's got over 10 million views online. people are asking where are your parents. >> you can't blame the parents for the malfunction. you can't blame anybody for the
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behavior of the kid once they're stuck inside. >> when she started to pull the doors open, it triggered the emergency switch which made the elevator stop. the security guards have been monitoring the situation but weren't able to open the doors because she was holding onto them. once she stopped, they were able to open them and she walked right nout. shanna here is going far run to raise some money. when you're training, some people will eat like birds. that's the phrase they'll use. shanna here has taken that a wee bit too literally. >> it smells rank. >> is that bugs? >> that's a box of crickets. for 24 hours to raise awareness for her campaign, she's going eat like a bird of prey. because she's raising money for the bird of prey relief group. crickets. it looks like they taste just
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about as well as you think they would. >> nasty. >> yeah. >> how about race for the money and let it be? >> i know. that sounds just almost ridiculous -- oh, wait, a second video. >> a lovely chicken heart. >> that's what we're talking about. she pulls one out to get her appetite going. little bit of a fry. then goes to town. she gives her review. >> it has a very metallicy -- >> 24 hours isn't over yeah, big bag full of bat bait. how did that work out? she's like, no. it's still bad. >> i t money. >> yeah. you can see she's got a fund raising site here. she's hoping to raise 5,000 australian. that's about $3,800 u.s.
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if you want to give her props for going through that for 24 hours, we'll put the link up there o for some learning to fly just isn't enough. flying a paraglider in this case. david is the pilot. he's gotten into acro-flying. he's good at it pulling the heavy g's. and now we've got a very huge problem. he's got the lines twisted. >> no, no, no. it's going to get tangled together. >> you can see the trees not that far below. they're getting closer faster. let's go for that second reserve and solve this issue. >> no. no. no. although landing in trees is the best case scenario. you might just dangle instead of
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crashing. >> i would say landing in a vat of marshmallow would be best. but let's see how he's doing. i don't see any blood. all the bones and limbs appear to be there. he does, however, have a black eye. that's only because one of the lenses of his shades got knocked out. >> okay. so that means he's going to try it again. >> that's the interesting part about this video. towards the end, he says i'm alive and well but tired of risking my life for nothing. acro doesn't pay my rent and nobody will pay my bills if i'm in a hospital bed for the rest of my life. this isn't the first time an issue like this has happened to david. >> i'm too old for twisting maneuvers. >> he may be ready to hang up his parachute. >> that last line sounds like something his momma said. does that pay your bills? knock it off. >> he did not go to the hospital, but he does say it
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took him five to six days to shake the woozy feeling of getting knocked in the head from a branch. sounds to me like he maybe had a concussion. rugby player michael patterson recently got married. this is him right here at the corner of this dance floor getting ready for his first dance. his lady right behind him. then you start hearing ed sheeran's "galway girl." and the moves start. ♪ then he starts tap dancing. everybody goes crazy. he learned this tap dance for the wedding with his now wife. his moves were pretty impressive for a dude that never tap danced before. >> he appears to be lighter on his feet than you imagine. >> don't forget what he does. he's a rugby player.
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he's on his toes all the time ducking and dodging tackles. >> smashing into them too. >> you walk around in rugby cleats, it sounds like tap dancing shoes anyway. >> true. >> he's doing a great job. the crowd is loving it. but soon enough, his lady joins him on the dance floor. and she, too, has learned this choreography. >> this is cute. we see a lot of first dances and a lot of times they're traditional or fun and include some of the wedding party. but they went to great lengths to make sure this was special. he was on the road when suddenly -- >> driver starts making some very strange sounds. >> find out what's happening and the powerful warning behind it. and she's tonguing for the world record. >> there are other girls out there that have comparable size
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tongues and i believe i have the longest tongue in the world. >> see strangers' reactions when she gives them the tongue. getwith lunch duosow, starting at $6.99en choose your favorite pasta, piadina or sandwich and pair it with all the soup or salad and breadsticks you want get never-ending value for lunch at olive garden ♪ ♪ the best way to get together is with a treat you make together. ♪ ♪
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closed captioning provided i did sh new icyhot lidocaine patch. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. new icyhot lidocaine patch. . now, we're all familiar with dash cams. the thing is the fact they're always on and always running means they capture all kinds of things. this one made my blood run cold. it starts off with what sounds like a dad and kids getting in the car. i thought nothing of it and the video plays for a few minutes. then as they approach this intersection, the whole video flips on its head. the driver starts making some very strange sounds. >> oh, no. >> you can hear the pan nick the
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children's voice. the car starts to drift forward a little bit. >> oh, my goodness. and it looks like that's the entrance to a freeway up ahead. >> that's right. >> what's happening? >> oh, shoot. >> terrifying. >> yeah. panic in the kids just getting fever pitched. you can hear the honking of a car behind. >> maybe if they knocked it in neutral or something, it's rolled back. >> it's rolled back into the car behind. >> what's happening! >> now they're really scared. >> hey, hey, help's here. >> that's when people start to gather around. they call 911. later on in the video help comes. he had a brain seizure due a fasting. >> that's why those are dangerous. you have to do it under medical supervision. >> the guy uploaded this video to give the warning you were saying there. that you should be careful when it comes to fasting and things like that. you never quite know how your
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body's going to react. he hopes this serves as a video of caution. we head to south korea for this next one. >> whoa. what was that? >> that was a lightning strike. >> exactly what it was. watch it back again and see how close they are to it. you see the guy walking in right in front of us just drop to the floor. this guy is a tough dude. after maybe 30 seconds, he jumps back up to his feet and apparently just continues walking home. there are assets. and then there's this girl's assets. >> i've always known i've had a really long tongue. >> whoa. >> wow. >> she's correct. >> wow. >> yeah. this woman claims to have the world's longest tongue. >> it's four inches long, longer than a business card. >> that's a bold claim. we've seen freakishly long tongue. >> is it documented? >> some have been documented. the current world record holder
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is this dude here who has a tongue -- didn't expect it to cause that much of an uproar, miss charity bailey. gene simmons, move over. >> he's not even competing with these guys. >> this guy has a tongue that measures 3.97 inches. she wants the guinness book of world records to come to her to measure her tongue. she starts showing pedestrians, random people her tongue. watch their reactions. >> oh, my god. how? >> and if you think the video's odd, you won't be surprised it was posted to the youtube channel. >> you want to see how long my tongue is? it's really long. >> whoa. >> whoa. >> isn't that weird? >> yours is tiny.
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you have a teeny tiny tongue. it's servers against chefs. >> there's two teeams of five ad a hundred meter sprint. >> it's not first place they're competing for. plus, would you be able to be a minimalist for a week? >> i'm not kidding you, it freaks me out. >> see how these people deal with it. >> yeah, see. she's nationally recognized for her compassion and care. he spent decades fighting to give families a second chance. but to help others, they first had to protect themselves. i have afib. even for a nurse, it's complicated... and it puts me at higher risk of stroke. that would be devastating. i had to learn all i could to help protect myself. once i got the facts, my doctor and i chose xarelto®. xarelto®... to help keep me protected. once-daily xarelto®, a latest-generation blood thinner... ...significantly lowers the risk of stroke in people with afib not caused by a heart valve problem. it has similar effectiveness to warfarin. xarelto® works differently. warfarin interferes with at least 6 blood-clotting factors.
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promotional considerations provided by -- cloths. cleanse, tone, and refresh. dickinson's® the best kept beauty secret since 1866. for special offers visit walgreens today. can get rough and dry fast, but not anymore. new gold bond pedi smooth, keep feet sandal ready up to 2 weeks. gold bond. they say if you're not first, you're last. >> hello. >> in this video, they put
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servers against chefs. there's two teams of five. it's a hundred meter sprint. >> who comes in fifth wins for their team. >> they line up at the line. the horn sounds. and they're off. >> looking good. >> but at this point everybody's kind of keeping pace. >> you don't know how you are. you got to count who's in front of you. >> as they approach the finish line, they all kind of come to a sudden halt. the first dude is out. >> oh, that's impossible. >> and they have in slow motion -- >> it was a close finish for fifth. >> but they usually are in this sport. >> but andy has crossed fifth making the chefs the winners. >> andy wins for the chefs. >> homemade water slide. >> outside playing in the water and he's got a piece of plastic he put on the ground to serve as a water slide. positions his son. >> not enthused about this.
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but okay. >> now dad goes forward. >> i smashed my [ bleep ]. >> dad, come on, man. go to the store drop 20 bucks and get a real slip n slide. the car badgarbage bags aren't o cut it. >> he started a gofundme page saying since everyone thinks i'm a cheapskate, i'd like to raise money for a slip n side for my son. there's a popular new lifestyle trend going on these days that you may have heard on called minimalism. the idea and definition behind it is this. >> minimalism is not about depravation. it's about bringing what is important. i think what it comes down to is what is adding value to one's life?
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>> lots of things add value to your life. >> and lots of things clutter your life. going to give the minimalist lifestyle for one week. so she goes through her home and clears everything out. she only kept what she thought she would absolutely need. and that's this stuff right here. >> a hat an arm band and headphones for running, yoga mat, water bottle, one book, a small bag, a binder full of important documents, and my speaker. >> those choices may not be your choice. but that's what sky chose to keep. >> going to time myself how fast i can get ready. seven minutes and i'm out the door on my way to work. my hair is wet. no makeup. >> she gets ready fastener the morning. that's a benefit. >> so it's only day three and i'm already having to do laundry because i didn't account for the fact i would need a pair of underwear for working out and yoga then a pair of underwear for actually wearing.
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so i already ran out of clean underwear. >> we're now talking about clean undergarments. with women, there is one thing i will not play about. that is one of them. >> she interviews a minimalist to get a better understanding. >> so everything i have in here, i love it or it has some sort of story behind it or serves some sort of purpose. >> yeah. that makes sense though. because you'll notice her room is still decorated. it still has that sense of what some of us consider home. >> at the end of the week, what did sky learn that we could learn? >> that there's no right way to live a minimalist lifestyle but it did add a lot of value in this life and freedom to live with a lotless material items. >> we really don't need all the stuff that everything is telling us we need. >> so onwhat you getting rid ofn that garage of yours? >> don't touch the garage. they decided to push their
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luck in a different country. >> they load the back of their car with coke. coca-cola. >> see wha try these. finding good-looking well-made shoes with a great fit isn't easy.
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nope. so let's be clear: clearasil works fast on teen acne, not so much on other teen things. this is just a fluff. >> indeed it is. there are people that really, really, really thrive on pushing their luck. these guys decided to push their luck in a different country in the vein of illicit drugs. they load the back of their car
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with coke. coca-cola. but when they cross the mexico border, they're going to tell the agents there they've got coke in the back. they awkwardly park on the side of the road. then the agent approaches them. start asking questions, give me your id. these guys pretend like they're really nervous. then they fess up. >> i'm sorry. we can't do this. we have a bunch of coke in the back. >> they fess up to having coke in the back. they then get asked to step out of the car. just one of them. the other has to stay in the car. suddenly the agents start asking money. >> $300 to leave. if you have $100 right now, we can leave. >> we can't give you all the coke? >> we're going to take half of it. >> well, they'll never be thirsty again. >> at this point, do the agents know what's actually in the car? >> no. >> they don't know yet? >> not a clue. one of them gets taken into the


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